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We always love to hear from our website visitors! team strives to make this website as user friendly and helpful as possible, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, then please feel free to contact us. Here is a guide on how to get in touch, depending on the type of enquiry you have.

General Enquiries, Links, Technical Problems and Photographs

If there is anything you want to tell us about how we can improve or if you are having any technical difficulties with the site. Please email us at:

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You can also use this email to contact us if you have your own Corn Snake related website and you would like us to link to on the 'Corn Snake Links' page or if you have any photographs of your snakes that you would like us to use on the Photographs page.

General Care Questions

If you have a Corn snake question regarding general care, health, breeding or anything else Corn Snake related, please try our forum. There are many people on there who are eager to discuss Corn snake related topics and you may receive an answer more promptly than by contacting us.

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Rehoming Enquiries does not offer a rehoming service, but there is a 'Corn Snakes for sale/rehoming' section in the Classifieds on the Forum. Many of our regular forum members are experienced Corn Snake keepers and may have contacts or advice that can help you in the rehoming of your Corn Snake.

Reporting inappropriate and unwanted material on the Forum (spam).

The Forum is run by a great team of moderators, who are always on the look out for inappropriate links and threads that may cause offence to any of our members. We do not tolerate spam and offensive material on our site and will delete any thread that is inappropriate. If you see anything that concerns you and none of our moderators are online, please use the email below to contact a administrator directly, who will deal with the problem.

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